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Whether aerospace, aircraft, industrial manufacturing, automotive or the electronics industry, A.S.A.P. has a solution.  We understand today’s stringent quality management requirements and we are ISO9001 and AS9120B certified.  There is a reason why the best and most advanced adhesive manufacturers trust A.S.A.P.

Our Mission

A.S.A.P. Technologies, Inc. : To be your first choice for performance adhesive and sealants

Started in 1995 to provide personalized conception to solution customer service, engineering expertise to match specifications to application use. Our team is one of the most highly skilled in the industry with over 23 years average experience.

We understand our customers needs to ensure the right product arrives on time, every time with proper paperwork including certifications, test reports and technical data following our ISO9001 quality standards.

In the age of ‘customer no service’, we are not a huge, faceless corporation. If you want to do business with a company that values relationships, cares about your success and where you can actually reach a human…call A.S.A.P. Technologies.

Our Founders

A.S.A.P. Technologies was founded over 25 years ago by Maria Elena, a Chilean immigrant looking to build the American Dream along with her husband Dennis Grogan Sr.  With Maria’s entrepreneurial drive and Dennis Sr. nearly 20 years of industry experience as an Account Executive at GE Silicones and later GE Silicone distributor, A.S.A.P. Technologies was born.

A.S.A.P. Technologies was created to provide exceptional products from quality manufacturers, with personal service. A company that would truly care about:

o  Correct product for application

o  On time product delivery

o  How to properly & safely use

o  Supporting new technology development

Our Values & Mission are as strong today as ever with the 2nd generation. Dennis Grogan Jr. began his career in the medical industry, though has been with the company since its founding in 1995.  Combined with a sales force with over 90 years’ experience, A.S.A.P. can provide the engineering and technical assistance for today’s stringent requirements. Getting product to you is our priority along with providing all of the documentation that is required to meet your inspection process.  Due to our many years of supplying industries such as aerospace, electronics, and defense, and as a ISO9001 & AS9120 certified company, we are aware of the importance of certifications and documentation. We have an extensive library of specifications and can help you identify those specifications that are important to you.

A.S.A.P. Technologies, Inc.

               Small Enough To Care, Big Enough To Matter

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o  Maria Elena Grogan – Owner of A.S.A.P. Technologies, Inc.

o  Dennis Grogan Sr. - President

o  Dennis Grogan Jr. - Vice President

Our Values


Defined as “worth of confidence”. There is a reason why the top adhesive, tape and sealant manufacturers choose A.S.A.P. Trust. Trust in A.S.A.P. to represent their company to deliver quality products and services. Our customers trust A.S.A.P. because we meet and exceed their expectations, regardless of the crises.

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In our ‘new reality’, how reliable is your current supplier? We understand your customer requirements need to be met with no excuses. A.S.A.P. prides itself on being a supplier of choice by several 5000 companies.

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We speak your language…technical language. Needing a specific product to meet an exact technical specification…call us. Mil specs? No problem. Needing to speak with someone with hands on know how…no problem. Want to maximize shelf life? We can do that too.

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