Heat Shrink Tubing

Sumitube® products conform to a wide range of industry standards including military, aerospace, UL and CSA. In addition, many specialty type materials are offered such as high-temperature, low smoke, medical, conductive, chemical resistant, and low outgassing grades. Materials available include irradiated cross-linked heat-shrinkable polyolefins, fluoroplastics, and elastomers in diameters ranging from 3/64″ to 4″, in colors. With the controlled application of heat, the diameter of a Sumitube® product will be reduced to a pre-determined size, thus providing an excellent conformal and protective insulating layer over many types of substrates. Expanded vs. Recovered diameters may have shrink ratios that vary from 1.3-to-1 up to 6.0-to-1.

In addition to the standard sizes, colors, shrink ratios, and packaging shown in the accompanying data sheets, Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc. will be delighted to customize products that better accommodate the end-user needs.

Flexible Polyolefins

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Semi-Rigid Polyolefins

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Special Purpose

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Heat Shrink Tube Cutting

Custom Heat Shrink tube cutting is available at our facility as an added value! Contact our specialists to learn more about out cutting services.

As a AS9120B and ISO 9001 certified organization, we continue to strive to deliver the best service and experience in the industry. You, the customer, has always been are focus and we will continue to deliver the best long into the future.