Founded in 1977, Novagard is a privately-held U.S. manufacturer of highly-engineered sealants, coatings, lubricants, foams, and thermal management products. Novagard is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council(WBENC).  As an organization, our values are simple: Safety, Teamwork, and Accountability. From our 200,000 square foot site in Cleveland, Ohio, we strive to manufacture products of the highest quality, deliver innovative solutions, and provide best-in-class customer service.


Novagard Solutions manufactures highly-engineered sealants, coatings, lubricants, foams, and thermal management products for construction, automotive, HVAC, healthcare and solar energy.

NovaBond Hybrid
Construction Sealant

Advanced Technology for Interior and Exterior Applications, NovaBond® Hybrid Construction Sealant is an all-weather hybrid sealant that offers superior adhesion and flexibility with near zero shrinkage and fast skin-over curing performance.  Paintable in 1 hour for seamless color matching and faster job time

  • Bonds to a variety of substrates without priming
  • Can be applied vertically and overhead
  • All-weather formula is permanently flexible
  • Long lasting with zero shrinkage or cracking
  • UV and mildew resistant extends application intervals
  • Safe to use indoors, low odor and dirt-resistant
  • Download our dot card to see standard, in stock colors
  • Professional grade
  • AAMA verified
  • 50 state VOC compliant
  • California Proposition 65 compliant
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NovaFlex Color Matched
Silicone Sealents

NovaFlex® is our flagship line of color-matched silicone sealants, offering a broad range of colors and substrate adhesion properties.

  • OEM Windows and Doors
  • Qwik-Set Glazing Sealant
  • Void and Cavity Filler
  • Metal Roof Sealants
  • Gutter Seal
  • Pitch Pocket Penetration Sealant
  • Butter Grade Mastic
  • Installation & Roofing Sealants and Mastics
  • Seam Sealer
  • Multi-Purpose Adhesive Sealant
  • Metal Roof Repair and Patch Mastic
  • Joint Sealant for Highways, Pavement, and Parking Decks
  • Fiber Reinforced Mastic
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Versilube Silicone Greases,
Lubricants and Compounds

Versilube® products include premium quality, silicone-based greases, lubricants and compounds with unique physical properties and performance characteristics that are formulated for critical lubrication applications and hostile environments. These silicone-based products provide longer service life than most other materials.

  • Why Choose Versilube® Silicone Greases, Lubricants and Compounds for your Application?
  • Excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Broad temperature range, -70°F to 400°F (-57°Cto204°C)
  • Superior viscosity and hydrolytic stability
  • Exceptional release properties
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Chemically inert
  • Compatible with substrates
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FoamSeal Inc manufactures closed cell PVC foam for a number of industries, including the automotive, HVAC, healthcare, and general-purpose markets. This foam is manufactured with or without adhesive and utilized for sealing, gasketing and/or insulating applications. Foam Seal provides the highest value PVC foam in a variety of colors, densities, and dimensions to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers. We also provide excellent customer service and will customize products to meet unique application requirements. Bonds to a variety of substrates without priming

  • Why choose Foam Seal custom engineered PVC Foam& Foam Tapes?
  • Cushions against shock and vibration
  • Closed cell structures seal out light, air, dust and moisture
  • PVC Foam is resistant to most solvents and chemicals
  • Service temperatures of -20ºF to +180ºF
  • Foam available to meet OEM automotive specifications
  • All Foam Seal PVC foam is intrinsically fire resistant (Meets MVSS 302)
  • Inherently ultraviolet resistant
  • PVC Foam available with or without adhesive
  • Casting substrates include paper, polyester, aluminum

FoamSeal Closed Cell High Temperature PVC Foams from Novagard are a strong and durable – yet economical – solution for automotive manufacturing as well as general industrial and HVAC applications. These High Temperature PVC Foams area significant improvement over traditional PVC products. These foams outperform more expensive alternatives, giving design engineers all the performance, they need while simultaneously managing costs.

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As a AS9120B and ISO 9001 certified organization, we continue to strive to deliver the best service and experience in the industry. You, the customer, has always been are focus and we will continue to deliver the best long into the future.