Thermal Management

In response to new heat-management challenges arising from the higher frequencies, power, and miniaturization of components, Momentive scientists have developed and continue to enhance an extensive portfolio of thermal management materials.

The excellent thermal conductivity and consistent, long-term heat transfer performance typically help enable devices to operate more efficiently and reliably. Our products, which include

Grease Compounds

Momentive's thermally conductive SilCool grease compounds offer excellent thermal conductivity, as well as excellent stability, penetration, temperature resistance, and low bleed. These properties enable SilCool grease compounds to draw heat away from devices, contributing to improved reliability and operational efficiency of electronic components.


Momentive Performance Materials family of SilCool thermally conductive adhesives can help deliver thin bond lines that contribute to low thermal resistance, and provide excellent adhesion and reliability. This series of heat-cured adhesives excel in thermal interface applications that demand good structural adhesion.

Encapsulants & Pottings

Momentive Performance Materials provides leading-edge silicone technologies to help meet performance and productivity challenges in a wide range of automotive and electronic applications. Momentive’s dielectric potting and encapsulation materials offer outstanding protection to electronic components from dust, moisture, fluids and harmful environmental contaminants.

Liquid Dispensed Thermal Pads

Momentive’s thermally conductive silicone gap fillers are dispensed to fill air gaps and voids in electronic components. They work with heat sinks or metal cases to dissipate heat from critical electronic parts. These non-adhesive curing silicones form a soft, stress-absorbing interface and fill uneven areas to improve cooling. Momentive’s Thermal Gap Fillers can also be applied to flat or high-profile 3-dimensional surfaces as a cure-in-place thermal pad or as a pump-out resistant alternative to greases.

High Thermal Gap Fillers

Faster processing speeds, more stringent performance requirements, and miniaturization in many electronic applications are some of the factors driving demand for new solutions to help meet thermal management challenges. Momentive’s SilCool* ultra-high thermally conductive gap fillers are liquid dispensed silicone materials available in thermal conductivities up to 10 W/m.K. These high thermal conductivities can help solve heat dissipation challenges and provide designers of electronic components with greater design flexibility to achieve performance expectations.

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Momentive RTV
Solutions Guide

RTV Silicones consist of rubber and gel products developed for adhesion, sealing, coating and encapsulation potting applications. Momentive offers an extensive line-up of RTV’s to serve a broad spectrum of Industrial and Electronic applications.

Momentive Solutions Guide

Industrial Applications

Adhesives and sealants are used in a wide variety of applications and industries.  In addition to strong adhesion performance to many substrates, silicones can provide heat resistance, flame retardancy, and moisture/dirt protection, which makes silicone ideal materials for a variety of sealing, bonding and insulation applications.


From electronic potting silicones and encapsulation products, to adhesives, additives, hardcoats and packaging, Momentive has led the way in providing long-term, reliable protection for sensitive electronic components for decades. As systems become smaller and circuit densities become greater, our deep industry knowledge and extensive experience help ensure that we're ready to protect whatever comes next.  

Our portfolio of silicone solutions includes:  

  • Cockpit Instruments
  • Electronic Power Equipment
  • Circuit and Terminal Protection
  • Wire Sealants
  • Engine Gasketing
  • Engine Electronics Potting
  • Cargo Door Seals
  • Window Assembly Sealants
  • Weather Strip Adhesive
  • Lighting Sealants

From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover the products that can enable the next generation of smart electronics.

Industry Applications
Product Groups


For more than 60 years, Momentive has helped power the aerospace journey. Momentive’s silicone products are integral to the assembly and operation of aircraft, spacecraft and military platforms. Our silicones were in the boots of the first astronaut to walk on the moon and the window seals of the Apollo capsules. We are proud to have been part of every US manned space flight since then.

Momentive uses the experience from thousands of hours of flight and in-space time, to innovate new products that help our customers continue the aerospace legacy. Our dedicated Aerospace team is made up of highly experienced chemists and Application Development Engineers and a network of global application development centers. Momentive is proud to work with many of today’s pioneering aviation, aerospace and defense companies to provide solutions for the manufacturing challenges of today.

Momentive’s Silicone Products Can Provide:

  • Long term stability over a broad range of extreme temperatures
  • Sustained flexibility, adhesion and sealing
  • Protective seals to keep out dust, moisture and humidity
  • Fuels and solvent resistance
  • Electrical insulation for critical electronic components
  • Thermal protection for sensors and launch structures
  • Low outgassing solutions to protect optics, solar arrays, avionics and crew compartments
  • Coatings for jet and helicopter canopies, exterior lights and sensor covers


Momentive’s advanced RTV silicones are able to maintain critical properties for an extended time over the wide range of extreme temperatures typically encountered by aircraft and spacecraft. They remain flexible in extremely low temperatures and are thermally insulative. Our thermal protection systems are available in paste to flowable viscosity. In addition, our aerospace thermal coating systems offer low-outgassing and electrically dissipative formulations to accommodate a wide range of aerospace and defense applications.

Potential Applications of our Aerospace Thermal Coating RTVs

  • Protective coatings and thermal insulation for sensitive components and critical equipment
  • Encapsulants and potting for high-heat locations
  • Interior and exterior adhesives
  • Flexible composite coatings
  • Cast-in-place heat shielding
  • Adhesion of thermal blankets

Momentive’s Thermal Protection Systems:

RTV31High-Temperature Encapsulant

- Red, two-component, high-temperature flowable sealant

RTV60High-Temperature Encapsulant

- Red, two-component, high-temperature flowable sealant

RTV88High-Temperature Compound

- Red, two-component, high-temperature compound used for both vertical and overhead surfaces

RTV511Low-Temperature Sealant

- White, two-component, extreme low-temperature, flowable sealant

RTV560 Low and High Temperature Sealant

- Red, two-component, low and high temperature capable sealant

RTV566 Low Outgassing Low and High Temperature Encapsulant

- Low outgassing, red, two-component, low & high temperature encapsulant and potting compound

RTV567 Low Outgassing Low Temperature Encapsulant

- Low outgassing, translucent and white, two-component, low temperature encapsulant and potting compound


- White, two-component, low temperature paste

RTV577LV Low Outgassing Sealant

- Low outgassing, white, two-component, low temperature paste

RTV583 Low Temperature Gap Filler

- Black, two-component, electric static dissipative, low temperature, gap filling compound, volume resistivity < 6 x 109 ohm cm

InvisSilRTV655 Low Temperature Clear Encapsulant

- Clear, two-part, addition cure, low temperature, flowable sealant. Optically clear and highly refractive. Offers unlimited cure depth with the ability to cure at room temperature.



Material Solutions for E-mobility & Electrification

As a new era of e-mobility emerges, it's accompanied by new manufacturing challenges that require new material solutions. Companies must innovate in order to meet these challenges. Momentive’s advanced material solutions play an essential role in the vehicles of today and tomorrow. From thermal management and battery solutions to cable and connector materials; from sensor coatings to adhesives and seals -- Momentive’s innovative silicones help shape the future of e-mobility and drive our new vehicles forward.

Momentive leverages it's expertise to discover solutions that not only help solve problems for their automotive customers, but also create possibilities for them. Their products can help make cars lighter, stronger, safer, more durable and more efficient. Wherever the automotive industry is going next, They're here to help it get there. From future-focused custom solutions to technologies that provide answers today, discover the products that can give the automotive industry its edge.

As a AS9120B and ISO 9001 certified organization, we continue to strive to deliver the best service and experience in the industry. You, the customer, has always been are focus and we will continue to deliver the best long into the future.