Thermal Compounds, Pastes, Greases for Electronics

Momentive's thermally conductive SilCool grease compounds offer excellent thermal conductivity, as well as excellent stability, penetration, temperature resistance, and low bleed. These properties enable SilCool grease compounds to draw heat away from devices, contributing to improved reliability and operational efficiency of electronic components.

The combination of processing performance and thermal conductivity that these grease compounds offer makes them good candidates for thermal interface applications in a wide range of high-performance devices and packages.

SilCool Thermally Conductive Silicone Grease Compounds

Momentive’s family of SilCool series silicone grease compounds feature outstanding thermally conductive and dielectric properties, excellent workability, virtually no oil separation, and minimal weight loss at elevated temperatures. These high-performance grease products can help address the heat management challenges that result from higher frequencies, higher power, and miniaturization in the development of electric and electronic devices.
Key Features of Momentive's Silcool Silicone Grease Compounds
  • Minimal ionic impurities & excellent dielectric properties
  • Highly workablility – to help meet the demands of automated dispensing, screen printing, and stamping applications
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Low oil separation and minimal weight loss at elevated temperatures
(Charts) Thermal Resistance is proportional to the thickness of the material through which the heat must travel. The ability to control and reduce thickness (BLT) of the thermal interface is a key factor in the component assembly process. Increases in assembly pressures are known to contribute to reductions in BLT, and subsequently, reduced thermal resistance.
(Above) Test Conditions: Sandwich 0.02ml of material between 10mm×10mm silicon dies, and apply desired pressure for 1 minute. Measure BLT.
(Above) Test Conditions: Sandwich material between 10mm×10mm silicon dies, and apply 300kPa pressure. Thermal cycle (-55°C~125°C, dwell time 30 minutes at each extreme). Measure thermal resistance using laser flash method.
(Above) Test Conditions: Sandwich material between 10mm×10mm silicon dies and apply 300kPa pressure. Expose to 150°C temperatures up to 1000 hours. Measure thermal resistance using laser flash method.

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