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Momentive’s silicone-based adhesives offer excellent adhesion and bond strength to glass, wood, natural and synthetic fiber, painted surfaces and many plastics and metals. Momentive is part of a legacy that was first to make silicone adhesives available commercially, and it continues today to expand its diverse line of room temperature vulcanization (RTV) silicones and adhesive formulations used in electronics applications.

We offer a range of RTV silicones, including our SnapSil*brand, with distinct properties that can meet specific needs for:

-        Automotive

-        Aviation

-        Aerospace

-        Display

-        Consumer and Industrial electronics

-        Solar

-        Energy

Our RTVs are valued for their electrical and thermal conductivity, heat resistance and adhesion to plastic and metal substrates. They are ideal for a number of industrial sealing and assembly applications that are subject to extreme temperature, ultraviolet light and/or chemical exposure.

RTV100 Series: High Temperature Performance

When numerous electronic and industrial applications require both fast processing time and UL compliance, manufacturers can turn to Momentive's Industrial Assembly (RTV) Adhesives . From materials used for bonding thermal shields on space shuttles and rockets to aircraft assembly adhesives and sealants to vibration-dampening potting materials for vital electronics, our silicone RTVs are helping to keep both aircraft and spacecraft operating smoothly.

The RTV 100 series product family is Momentive’s premier line of acetoxy-cure adhesives with FDA, UL, NSF and USDA recognition, and conformity with MIL-A-46106 specifications. This high performance line, in both paste and flowable grades, offers primerless adhesion to many substrates. Both RTV 106and RTV 116 adhesives offer high temperature performance.

SnapSil: Silicone Adhesives for Electronics

Our SnapSil* silicone adhesive sealants can allow electronics and electrical component  manufacturers to optimize production speed and adhesion quality without exposing sensitive components to potentially damaging heat-cure processing. These room-temperature, condensation-cure adhesives forma strong bond to most substrates used in electronic components, including metals, polymer resins and glass. Their short tack-free times can contribute to productivity gains in high-volume manufacturing.

These products are routinely used in challenging environments and include sealants, adhesives, potting and encapsulating compounds, optical materials and thermal management materials. Our value-added process innovations, global reach and commitment to successful business relationships can help you reduce costs, heighten quality and soar above the competition.

Product Literature

Momentive Solutions
Guide – Electronic

The products introduced in this selector guide consist of RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone products that are commonly found in Electric and Electronic applications and component assemblies.

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Product Literature

Momentive Solutions
Guide – Aerospace

From materials used for bonding thermal shields on space shuttles and rockets, to aircraft assembly adhesives and sealants, to vibration-dampening potting materials for vital electronics, our silicone RTVs keep air and spacecraft operating smoothly.

Solutions Guide

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