Thermally Conductive Gap Filler

Momentive’s thermally conductive silicone gap fillers are dispensed to fill air gaps and voids in electronic components. They work with heat sinks or metal cases to dissipate heat from critical electronic parts. These non-adhesive curing silicones form a soft, stress-absorbing interface and fill uneven areas to improve cooling. Momentive’s Thermal Gap Fillers can also be applied to flat or high-profile 3-dimensional surfaces as a cure-in-place thermal pad or as a pump-out resistant alternative to greases.

High Performance Thermal Gap Fillers with Quality You Can Count On

Momentive's high performance thermal gap fillers are designed with performance and supply reliability in mind. Momentive owns our own globally dispersed production facilities. We control our manufacturing process from the base silicone all the way through to the finished product. This ensures you get the performance you need along with full quality control over all inputs as well as the finished product.

Key Features of Momentive's Thermal Gap Fillers

  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Fast, low temperature cure
  • Helps provide stress relief during thermal cycling
  • Conforms to complex, 3-dimensional designs
  • Non-adhesive, repairable
Product Details
TIA225GF: Liquid-Dispensed Silicone Thermal Pad

TIA225GF silicone is a two-component thermally conductive material that is dispensed as a liquid and cured in place to create a heat path for efficient heat transfer. After being applied, its non-slumping pasty consistency provides physical stability to help prevent run-off after being dispensed.

TIA241GF: Liquid-Dispensed Silicone Thermal Pad / Gap Filler

SilCool TIA241GF gap filler is a 2-component, soft, thermally conductive silicone material used to dissipate heat from electronic devices. Its non-slumping pasty consistency offers physical stability that can allow improved processing.

Product Literature

Momentive Solutions
Guide – Electronic

The products introduced in this selector guide consist of RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanizing) silicone products that are commonly found in Electric and Electronic applications and component assemblies.

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Product Literature

Momentive Solutions
Guide – Aerospace

From materials used for bonding thermal shields on space shuttles and rockets, to aircraft assembly adhesives and sealants, to vibration-dampening potting materials for vital electronics, our silicone RTVs keep air and spacecraft operating smoothly.

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