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CHR® FEP, Polyester, Polyimide, PTFE, Rulon®, UMHW, and Fluoropolymer Film Backed Tape

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics offers a broad range of PSA tapes serving industrial and commercial users. Produced from a variety of film, fabric, metal, laminations or paper substrates with acrylic, silicone, or natural rubber adhesive systems, Saint-Gobain is uniquely able to produce outstanding, and sometimes proprietary products. Our combined expertise in fabrics (CHEMFAB® Brand), films (NORTON® Brand), silicones (COHRlastic® Brand) and coatings gives you confidence in our team approach to providing solutions to critical applications.


FEP film is used for applications requiring optical clarity, quick release, and abrasion resistance.  FEP film applications include high temperature coil and capacitor wrapping, composite bonding, masking, and conveyor release linings.


Polyester films have excellent dimensional stability, high tensile, tear, and impact strengths, and ultimate elongation up to 120% of its original dimensions.  These films exhibit low water absorption and good resistance to oils, greases, strong acids, and organic solvents.  They also retain electrical properties, dielectric strength and dielectric constant in continuous operating temperatures from -100°F to 350°F (-73°C to 177°C). Applications include transformer and capacitor wrapping, printed circuit board fabrication, splicing tapes, composite bonding protection, and low-cost masking.


Polyimide films are employed because of their extreme heat resistance.  Service temperatures range from -100°F to +500°F (-73°C to +260°C).   These flame retardant films exhibit high tensile strength and conformability, good solvent resistance, excellent dielectric strength and good abrasion resistance.  Polyimide tape applications include electrical insulation, capacitor, transformer, and coil wrapping, electronic assembly, and wave solder protection.


PTFE films provide a conformable release surface and exhibit a remarkably low coefficient of friction and non-stick properties.  PTFE films have high temperature resistance and are virtually unaffected by all chemicals.  At elevated temperatures, PTFE film still retains excellent tensile strength.  Service temperatures range from -100°F to +500°F (-73°F to +260°C).  Film applications include high temperature coil and capacitor wrapping, composite bonding, masking, and conveyor release linings.


Rulon films offer superior abrasion resistance when compared to conventional PTFE films.  Service temperatures range from -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to +260°C).  In rotating bearing tests, it provided a 500-fold increase in wear resistance over standard PTFE.  Applications include bearing liners, chute and guide rail coverings.


UHMW polyolefin film tape provides anti-sticking and abrasion resistance properties for application temperatures ranging from -100°F to 225°F (-73°C to +107°C).  Applications include bearings, chute and guide rail coverings.

As a AS9120B and ISO 9001 certified organization, we continue to strive to deliver the best service and experience in the industry. You, the customer, has always been are focus and we will continue to deliver the best long into the future.