COHRlastic® Solid Rubber

The COHRlastic® solid silicone rubber line includes specification grade, high-performance grade and electrically conductive grade products.
Solid Rubber Products range in thicknesses from .012” (.031mm) to .500” (12.7mm) in durometer, hardness from 30-70 on the Shore A scale. Materials are provided in both flat sheet stock size 36”x36” (914mm x 914mm) and flat yard goods in 36” (914mm) continuous length rolls. Temperature ratings generally range between -100°F to + 500°F (-73°C to + 260°C).

Often referred to as red rubber because the earliest offerings were all red in color, COHRlastic® solid silicone rubber also comes in clear, gray, black and green, with minimum quantity restrictions. Many COHRlastic® solid materials meet the most popular solid rubber specifications, including ZZR-765 and A-A-59588 (ZZR-765 is now a listing within A-A-59588).

Product Range

  • 300-700 – specification grade sheet goods
  • 9030-9070 – specification grade yard goods
  • 9235 -9275 – high-performance grade (high tear strength resistant grade)
  • EC102 – electrically conductive grade

Features & Benefits

  • Post cured products – clean low out-gassing products in application
  • Can be fabricated into gaskets and cushion pads = ease of application
  • Can be supplied with either silicone or acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive for ease of application
  • Excellent compression set resistance – quick recovery in gasketing applications
  • Excellent long-term aging properties – gasket reliability often outlasts final product
  • Weather, moisture, ozone, UV and fungus resistant – perfect gasketing material for outdoor applications
  • EC-102 is electrically conductive for static bleeding and ESD protection


  • Environmental gasketing
  • Release material for packaging and composite molding
  • Laboratory equipment and chemical gasketing
  • ESD protection curtains
  • Vibration damping and cushioning
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